Thursday, April 10, 2008

Our book was just reviewed by World Net Daily

Here´s how the review starts:

WASHINGTON – America is selling its birthright not for a mess of pottage, but for a mess of Chinese junk, and the resulting "unsustainable" trade deficit is leading "to the collapse of the dollar, depression and conversion of the United States to a second-rate power," says a new book written by three generations of a family of economists.

"Not only will the United States feel the pain, but other countries will as well," write Raymond, Howard and Jesse Richman in "Trading Away Our Future." "Because other countries are dependent upon the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency and because they are dependent on exports to the United States to sustain their own economies, the eventual collapse of the dollar could wreak havoc on the economies of the whole world."...

Follow the following link to read the entire review:


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Elaine M Supkis said...

By the way, I am very happy you got more reviews! I hope there will be more. Do make certain these show up in I hope you have your book sent to the head editor of Forbes Magazine. He reads my blog and we have talked on the phone. I hope you can get some big-time coverage.