Thursday, June 19, 2008

McCain's energy policy sounds good to me

Here's a selection from an article about his speech yesterday at Missouri State University:

Republican presidential candidate John McCain is pushing for new nuclear power plants, carbon sequestration "clean coal" technology and off-shore oil drilling to meet the country's energy needs for the next generation.

"One obstacle to expanding our nuclear-powered electricity is the mind-sest of those who prefer to buy time and hope that our energy problems will somehow solve themselves," McCain said in his opening remarks at a town hall meeting at Missouri State University.

McCain pledged to "set this nation on a course to building 45 new (nuclear) reactors by the year 2030" if voters chose him over Democratic Sen. Barack Obama in November to be America's 44th president.

Increasing US energy production would not only lower the cost of energy, but would also strengthen the dollar, lowering the cost of everything that is imported. The nuclear power plants could, perhaps, fuel electric cars.

There has been a huge shift in popular opinion on two economic issues. The Democrats are just beginning to realize that popular opinion is now in favor of energy production, more than environmental protection. The Republicans are just beginning to realize that popular opinion is now in favor of strengthening US industry, more than keeping Chinese imports inexpensive. The November election is again up for grabs. The party that moves fastest to adjust to the new reality will likely win in November.


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