Sunday, July 13, 2008

Obama moving toward endorsement of nuclear energy

The news from the political campaigns is excellent. Both candidates, McCain and Obama, are starting to compete to see who will be the candidate to most support investment in energy development. It looks like they are both going to support the development of both wind energy and nuclear energy. The result should be an increase in US investment and prosperity following the election!

The latest change is the movement of Senator Obama's campaign position from being against the development of nuclear energy when he spoke in Nevada on June 24, to being in favor of it this week. A July 11 article by Bonnie Kapp on the Fox News website gives a selection about Obama's remarks on energy investment at a town meeting in Dayton Ohio:

(W)hen a voter expressed concerns on storing nuclear waste ... Obama told the crowd that we have to utilize experts to figure out a way to store the waste safely because nuclear power has “a very big advantage” in that it doesn’t cause global warming and concluded that “nuclear power is gonna have to be a part of the mix. I know some people don’t like to hear that, but there is no perfect energy source.”...

“Every energy source has a problem, even energy sources that sound really clean, like for example hydropower. I was in Oregon, it turns out it’s messing up the salmon runs and the fish are being affected. You know wind is a great energy source except sometimes it’s not windy…I don’t think we can eliminate any single energy source….Solar, wind, biofuels - all these different approaches we should try and make different investments and figure out what works.”


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