Wednesday, May 14, 2008

McCain's global warming and nuclear power judo

Did McCain study judo? I suspect that he may have learned a few throws, based upon the incredible way he just turned the environmentalist momentum against them.

The environmentalists have the citizens of much of the world convinced that global warming is man-made. I disagree. I think that Nir Shaviv and Jan Veizer are correct that climate change is largely extra-terrestrial in origin (periodic changes in cosmic ray flux caused by movement of solar system in galaxy) and that CO2 emissions contribute little to global warming. But the compelling environmentalist argument is that we can't be sure. So long as the possibility exists that global warming is indeed man-made, they argue, then we need to do something fast or we may be destroying the planet.

Senator McCain has accepted their argument and used it to flip them on their back. He is in favor of nuclear power as a way to combat global warming. Some conservatives are up-in-arms at McCain's statements about Global Warming; they may not understand that he just completely flipped the argument.

In order to solve the trade deficits completely, we need to reduce our oil imports. What McCain is proposing is a compromise. He will back the environmentalists' efforts to cut carbon dioxide emissions if they back his efforts to build nuclear power. This is actually a very good deal considering the fact that the environmentalists have almost everyone convinced that global warming is really man-made.

The leftist environmentalists are against US economic growth. They don't want a reduction in CO2 emissions that still allows US economic growth. They are preventing the building of nuclear power plants through lawsuits that delay construction so much that the planned plant becomes unprofitable and through lobbying efforts that prevent solution to the nuclear waste disposal problem.

The increased nuclear power that would result from the McCain compromise could produce electricity that could be used to power cars, reducing the funds going to terror-sponsoring states such as Venezuela and Iran. The Israelis are starting to convert from oil-powered vehicles to electricity-powered vehicles. We should also.


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