Tuesday, May 6, 2008

WSJ in favor of moving our military production to China

In my last post I criticized the Wall Street Journal for what they said after the first sentence of today's editorial. I forgot to give you the background of the first sentence which is the worst sentence in the entire editorial.

For some reason, the Wall Street Journal editors didn't see fit to give you that background either. They quickly changed the subject in their second sentence. Here was their first sentence:

As part of her populist reinvention, Hillary Clinton last week criticized a Chinese business deal in Indiana that her husband's administration had supported.

Apparently, Hilary reiterated last week what she what she had earlier said to the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO on April 1 2008, as reported on this blog, specifically:

And let me just say this, I am deeply concerned about acceleration of the outsourcing of production for essential defense material. I was in Indiana the last couple of days of last week - everywhere I went talking to good hardworking Hoosiers, I heard about how company after company that used to do defense work had either lost the work or the company was gone. One specific example just stuck in my mind. All of you have seen those pictures of the precision guided missiles, right? Going down chimneys, hitting targets thousands of miles away. Well, the targeting is dependent upon these magnets and the magnets used to be made in Indiana, the company called Magnequest. The company was bought out, jobs were eliminated, production was moved to China. Not only did we lose jobs, we lost essential, valuable information because you’re not going to tell me that the Chinese military doesn’t have exactly what it takes to make those magnets....

Essentially, in their editorial today, the Wall Street Journal said that they are in favor of the US moving our military production to China. It is a shame to see the editorial page of the once-patriotic Wall Street Journal turn into an apology-page for the mercantilism of the anti-democratic Communist government of China.


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